Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Garden on the Nile

My friend and fellow fragrance lover suggested I try 'Jardin sur le Nil' by Hermes. A mutual friend of ours had this on and it was 'heavenly'. I was hooked, I had to try it. Is this a keeper? I went online and checked out it on the Hermes website. In all honesty, the site is not the easiest to maneuver and I could locate it faster on amazon.com. It looked delicious, and now I had to find out what it smells like. I could not find it in the local Macys, or Herbergers but I did manage to get a sample. It is a beautiful fragrance. It starts with a hint of citrus, and then becomes floral. It emits the scents of a natural garden, a floral and lemony mix. I have never been on the banks of the Nile, but I feel like I am in a garden by that river when I am wearing this. It's almost like being in a summer dress with the sun shining on me, and the breeze gently brushing my cheeks. If I were to smell the air at that moment, I imagine it would be as sweet as 'Jardin sur le Nil'.

This is a light fragrance, more suited for day wear than evening. It is a little too sweet to be worn to work, but is perfect for a day out. It is neither bold nor naughty, but very sprightly. It lasts well, and the scent maintains it's consistency.

The 'Jardin sur le Nil' is a part of the Jardin series by Hermes, and includes the smells of a garden on the roof (Jardin sur le Toit), the garden after the monsoon (Jardin après la mousson), the Meditteranean gardens (Jardin en Méditerranée). I can't wait to test these.At around 90 $ for 1.6 fl.oz, it is pricey but not outrageously expensive. The only complaint I have is it is not as easy to find in a store as a Chanel, Estee Lauder or DKNY.

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  1. Beautifully reviewed! I love this scent. Although I agree it is day wear, I would wear it at night too since I don't like strong perfumes. Hope to pick it up one of these days, although the cost is pprobitive, for me at least.